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Our Sequence

Our Sequence

Our Sequence follows the Seasons according to the Ayurvedic Principles.

Our Sequence can be strong, dynamic and flowing so we teach our students to always practice within their limitations, learning to recognise their strengths and also their weaknesses.

Just as your food should be seasonal so should your yoga practice.

Summer Sequence: Term 1 from Jan/Feb to April

Our sequence includes cooling, calming and restorative postures.  After the busy holiday season and hot weather we need to adjust our yoga practice to accommodate our outside environment.

The energy is rising and expanding providing us with an abundance of power and strength.  Learning to make good use of that energy and harness your powers.

Autumn Sequence: Term 2 from April to June

The change in weather brings a change in our energy levels; less sun and less heat bring on a more heating but also calming practice. Lose that sluggish feeling & replace it with motivation, decisive activity and optimism for future possibilities. This season brings on the challenge of staying with New Year resolutions and the healthy lifestyle choices you have made – stick with it.

Winter Sequence: Term 3 from July to September

The cold has arrived and we need to focus on heating the body and staying energized.  Our immune systems can be low or completely down and we have to help our bodies staying healthy. Winter is the time to focus inwards, consolidate the body’s energy, and build strength and stability, as well as a time to rest and regenerate the body.  Our practice becomes more stimulating, warming and nurturing.

Spring Sequence: Term 4 from October to December

Goodbye winter – Welcome Spring.

A time for spring-cleaning inside as well as out, we focus on detoxifying & cleansing the body of the build-ups that accumulate from the heavier diet & lowered activity of winter.  Our Sequence amps up the tempo to get fit, healthy and rid of the extra winter kilos that we needed to get us through the winter cold.

Rise early, try something new, revitalize, active and attune yourself to the energy of this exciting season.