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The 2013 Yoga House Challenge

At The Yoga House we have a common sense approach to health.

  • We believe in fitting in your exercise routine around the rest of your life and not the other way around.
  • We believe in ” Everything in moderation” which goes for all things food, drink and exercise.
  • We believe that the “all or nothing” approach will set many people up for failure in the long term.

Many types of exercise popular in the media and our modern culture encourages hardcore and intensely strenuous routines that most people find a challenge to stick to.  You may be able to sustain punishing and onerous exercise for the short term but can you commit to it for years and years on end???

At The Yoga House we want to show people that a steady routine and a common sense approach to diet will set you up for a happy,  healthy life & help with a whole variety of limitations and discomforts in the body.

Therefore to put our money where our mouth is…. we have invited 2 normal every day people to to sign up to THE 2013 YOGA HOUSE CHALLENGE!

The Challenge

Commit themselves to a minimum of 2 Yoga classes per week for 12 months and drink 2 liters of water a day.

We will follow their journey for the next year and get updates on a regular basis either via a diary or videos. (Their diaries and videos will be posted on our Facebook site and our blog at

We will see how yoga twice a week affect their lives; we

will follow them through the highs and lows that accompany any challenge & we will support them the whole way.

They have  different lives and different issues – one is single & a busy chef with a chronic back problem, the other a busy mum with her own business who wants to loose some kilos and tone up.

So who are these lovely participants in this little experiment of ours…….

Georgia English & Gwen Smith

In the next day or two we will meet these lovely ladies more closely and here their story, expectation and how their first class went.

Stayed tuned to FaceBook and our Blog………..



Yoga Aid

On Sunday the 9th of September saw the Mornington Peninsula participate in the worl

d wide Yoga Aid Challenge in the beautiful Hall at Toorak College. It was the first time our community got involved with this wonderful initiative and congratulations to all who joined in, particularly your very own Yoga House Yogi’s:

Jodie Dolden, Kirstin Naylor, Maya and Helena Herman, Sarah Nibbs, Nat Hyde, Jennifer Buckley, Jess Smith, Lauren Kerr, Lauren Weir and Melissa Coad.

The event has so far raised U$1,876,524.62 worldwide, so well over the target of US$ 1 million. The Mornington Peninsula has raised AUD$6985.00. I want to thank everyone who very graciously made a donation through the Yoga House where we

personally raised AUD$1,360.00, I’m so proud of everyone and well done to those who managed the 108 sunsalutes (although it was never a competition). Donations are still being accepted up until 9th October and if you would like to still give to our nominated charity Barnardos, then you can do so here.

I am so happy to be part of a community where people are so generous and supportive – well done everyone.

This has been a great initiative and I believe it will only get bigger each year, so if you want to get involve next year have a chat to one of your teachers and we will give you all the info as it comes to hand.