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Frequently Asked Questions

It is my first class – help!!!!

You are always going to feel awkward in your first class no matter what it is you are trying – that’s just the way it is. Your teacher will help you feel comfortable and we always recommend coming to classes for at least a term so that you get more comfortable with it. Yoga has so many elements to it that you are not expected to know it all straight away – so just go with the flow and see the changes it can make for you.

I’m not flexible, can I still do yoga?

Absolutely, you need yoga as much as a flexible person, if not more. Yoga helps create flexibility and your teacher will guide you through the postures in a in a safe manner.

Tip: inflexible people need to work on flexibility, but flexible people need to work more on their strength.

I have an injury; can I still come to yoga?

Show me a person without any injuries or ailments and I don’t think we would have many people at yoga. Many people have an old or new injury and yoga aims to teach you how to excersise safely and with awareness of those injuries. Always check with your health professional before commencing any type of excersise after a serious injury and always tell your teacher.

Can I eat before class?

We recommend you eat a light meal 3-4 hours prior to your class. This way you and your body will gain the maximum benefits of the practice.

The Term has already started, should I wait till next term?

Come along anyway. Better to get started while you have the enthusiasm and you have taken this first step. We do design our Sequence for the season so you gain maximum benefit by practicing the whole term, having said that, “some yoga is better than no yoga”.

How many times per week should I practice?

As many as you can fit into your lifestyle – we firmly believe that, some yoga is better than no yoga. If one class per week is all you have time for then that is great. If you are looking to tone up, shift some weight, build up strength and stamina – really deepening your practice, we recommend 2-3 times per week.
Tip – try not to over commit yourself in the beginning but choose a practice you can sustain.

I am pregnant, can I still practice yoga?

Yes, yoga is a great way for you to connect with your body in preparation for childbirth. We do not recommend practicing yoga until your 2nd Trimester or after 12 weeks. If you are new to yoga, you can join our Pregnancy class or if you have been a student for a while you can continue in your usual class if your teacher gives you the ok.

When should I arrive?

Always aim to arrive 15 minutes before class. This way you have ample time to register, set up your mat, use the bathroom and create a sense of calm before the class begins. Being late happens to everyone but being consistently late is not really fair to the students or teacher who are there on time.